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I will never forget all that you have done for not only me, but for my family. Your gentle push was what I needed to get me through the difficult times when I wanted to give up. It was your words of encouragement that kept me together through the past three years.

You have changed our lives and for that we will be forever grateful! Because of YOU, I now have hope that eventually one day I will have a normal life without appointments and less pain.

I am so thankful that our paths crossed during my time working in residential real estate, where you helped so many of our clients and now me. The relief I felt that day on the phone when I asked if you knew a good injury lawyer and you replied, I’m an injury lawyer. It was that moment, I knew things were about to make a turn for the better.

When I felt like all hope was gone, you were there. Now we meet again to assist with the purchase of our first home in Ottawa. I’m so glad you are once again there to make this experience an easy one.

I will at every chance recommend you to friends and people I meet. Without you in my corner taking care of things for me, I’m not sure where I’d be today. Your knowledge of the law and dedication to your clients is something I’ve never seen before. It is very evident that you are a lawyer who not only cares, but is driven to help others!


After sustaining serious injuries in a MVA and having no idea what to do next, my family and I were very fortunate to be introduced to Mr. Alan Clausi who took us under his wing and truly went to bat for us. Not certain if I would recover or what would happen when we exhausted all the accident benefit funds, Mr. Clausi eased our concerns and took the time to explain everything that we needed to move forward. Not only did he explain the Tort Claim process he also explained the benefits and expectations from the insurance side of things.

Throughout the last year and a half, Mr. Clausi and his staff continuously fought for us and never accepted the word no. This, we have found is a standard word used by insurance companies to try and dissuade or disrupt your claim. Having a champion like Mr. Clausi on your side allowed me to focus on getting better while he battled the insurance companies.

Mr. Clausi seemed to never sleep and his passion to battle insurance companies was a god send. He would constantly answer emails and phone calls no matter what time of day and consistently took the time to explain everything that was happening. He stays up to date on recent processes and procedures and looks for new ways to support you and your claim. He invoked the help of numerous experts and built a case file that the other insurance companies could not ignore. His persistence paid off in helping to expedite the settlement of the claim without having to go to trial.

As much as I have come to under appreciate insurance companies since my MVA and the treatment my family and I have faced by them, I felt a little bit of compassion for them as they had to deal with the persistence and unwavering energy from Alan during this battle. He truly fought for us and never once did I have to worry what was happening on the claim side of things as I was very confident Mr. Clausi was on it.

Now that our Tort claim has finished, Mr. Clausi and his team are now entrenched into the battle to help me win a Catastrophic Injury status to ensure I am taken care of for the rest of my life. This no doubt will be another fight with the insurance company but I am confident in the talents of his team and look forward to continued work with them. It is important to note that Mr. Clausi reduced his fees for us to help us get a larger settlement. Something seldom heard of in the industry.

Working alongside the team, I have come to expect that the offices of Clausi Law have the ultimate mission to provide a fully rounded legal proposition for clients, who will return to him again and again for everything from Personal Injury representation to Legal wills and even real estate law.

If you are in need of a tenacious, talented and trustworthy Legal representative, look no further than Mr. Alan Clausi. He truly enjoys battling insurance companies and wants to ensure you get the right treatment.


Subsequent to an MVA in the fall of 2016 I was directed to Alan Clausi by a friend who had been represented by Mr. Clausi in a prior case.

When I first met Mr. Clausi he explained the largely unknown aspects of personal injury law to me which later helped me immensely as we progressed throughout the case. AB, tort, risk and options were all detailed for me in order to help me understand the deep legal avenues through which we were about to travel. Mr. Clausi understands the craft of building a case and layered a perfect recipe before the mediation court.

A settlement was reached during mediation which brought closure and relief to my tired body and spirit. Legal engagements are emotionally taxing and require a diligent and compassionate approach which Mr. Clausi demonstrated during my case.

I am very thankful for the recommendation of my friend to reach out to Alan. Well done, Mr. Clausi.


Al was invaluable in helping me with a difficult dental claim. He was patient and responsive to all my questions and took the time to walk me through the process. Since then, my family and I have used his services for several real estate transactions and each was handled with professionalism and ease. His team consists of dedicated and hard working individuals that have only our best interest at heart.

Sonia M

Alan was very helpful while dealing with my MVA case. My accident happened in another country, and he was very helpful in putting me in touch with reputable lawyers there, while helping me navigate my insurance issues here. I would definitely recommend Alan’s services.


After my daughter’s accident I went to a lawyer who told me my case wasn’t strong enough and that I should not try pursuing it . I almost gave up until a friend of mine referred me to Mr. Alan Clausi. Contacting him was the best thing I’ve done for myself and for my daughter. He fought for me for 5 long years, never giving up. His motivation, determination and patience is what gave me hope that my daughter will get what she deserved. Surely, we got a great settlement that both my daughter and I were very happy with. He got me in contact with the best health experts in town since my daughter and I were suffering from the aftermath of the accident. He listened to me, he advised me and stood by me like a friend would. I advise that anyone who needs legal assistance to contact Alan Clausi. Without his persistence, I would have lost a lot in my life.


Mr. Clausi helped me settle an MVA case with an outcome better then I could of expected. He is efficient and very professional. I appreciated his quick responses and availability when ever I needed to ask a question or receive advice. If it wasn’t for Alan I would not of been able to receive the treatments that my doctors had recommended. My insurance company did not what to give me the benefits I was entitled to. Alan made sure that he got me what I needed and more. He worked hard on my case as there were a lot of details that he was always able to find a solution to. He is a professional who has compassion which is a unique quality that is rare.


I was in a car accident on the 417 which was not my fault. I was hit from behind while stopped in a traffic jam. My insurance company wouldn’t approve any treatment, so I called me normal family lawyer. He does not do insurance claims, so he referred me to Alan Clausi. Best move I made was to hire Mr. Clausi to help me. He brought a claim against my own insurance company to ensure that received the right treatment and benefits that I didn’t even know I was entitled to ask for. He also brought a claim for me against the person that hit my car from behind.

The claims went well and Mr. Clausi worked very hard to help me. If I called him, he always returned the call or email right away. He explained things to me and made me feel that finally someone was listening to me. He helped me get through this terrible event in my life. I will always be grateful.


I was involved in a MVA that left me with a mild TBI, and was not in any position to understand what to do about it. After several failed attempts to get help from my insurance company, I was lead to a large law firm where my Accident Benefits file and my Tort file began, and dragged on for years. When it became clear the support just wasn’t there, I was left searching for new representation and found Alan Clausi. The 5th year anniversary was approaching but regardless Alan took on the claims with tenacity and got the AB file resolved quickly, so that I finally got the help I needed. The tort was far more challenging, but again Alan worked very hard at negotiating a settlement despite the tactics that were used by opposing counsel to evade the issue.

I am very happy that I brought my claims to Alan. His level of commitment, his knowledge of the law and his professionalism made it very clear that I made the right choice. I trusted Alan right away to manage my claims and move them forward. He immediately took charge of my claims, kept me well informed throughout the process, answered any questions I had, advised me of next steps and made sure that I understood. That was exactly what I needed from a lawyer. I am very grateful for the excellent service and the settlements he negotiated with the insurers.


Alan did amazing work for me. My own insurance company was totally giving me the run around, so my friend referred me to Al. My own insurance company had found me liable for the collision. Al convinced my insurance company to change their internal fault assessment which was a big relief to me. He helped get me the treatment I needed and fought for me all the way. With the insurance company for the lady that destroyed my car by racing through a red light in a snowstorm, he fought them right up to trial and finally was able to resolve my claim by sending me to the best experts in the province for opinions on my injuries, and to an expert who did a detailed accident reconstruction, showing that I was telling the truth and did nothing wrong. I was alone in this fight without any power at all and would have lost both miserably. Alan fought hard for me against all odds and obtained a fair settlement for me. I am forever indebted to Alan for his loyalty to me, his incredibly hard work, and his knowledge of what I learned is an insurance slanted system.


Alan Clausi undertook a detailed review of the facts and evidence of my case only to determine that with more effort and expert support, my case had more than enough merit to proceed. CCG Law put in the necessary work to build a strong case that eventually led to a fair settlement that was reflective of my losses to present and accounted for the future losses and medical needs. Throughout the process, Mr. Clausi was professional, keeping me well informed along the way and taking timely action to continuously advance the case. My family is endlessly grateful for his services and continue to refer all legal work his way.


I was involved in a car accident a few years ago where I was hit by a careless driver. I had no idea what to do, I couldn’t work, had to stop school and even my social life was put on hold. After my friend recommended I speak to Alan a lot changed. He made sure I got the proper support that I needed to go on everyday. Whether it was getting me an occupational therapist to assist with going back to school or making sure I got proper chiropractic treatments. I am very thankful to him and his team for making the horrible situation I was in better.


Alan took my case on and immediately called my insurance company and ensured that I was receiving all benefits, including an occupational therapist to come to my house, physiotherapy, psychology, etc. I had a lot of problems from this car accident, and also with my insurance company since it would not pay for the treatment and services that my doctors and therapists felt were necessary. In the end, I received benefits my insurance company didn’t even tell me were available to me. Alan also helped me resolve that claim when I did not think that was even possible. Also, he brought a claim against the driver of a car that struck me, and ensured that this claim was also resolved. I am forever grateful to Alan – he kept me informed all the time, advised me all along the way, and kept me focused on what I needed to do throughout the process.


I appreciate what you done for me almost for the last three years, helping me with my injury case, especially was a hard case and you were up to the challenge, and needed lots of work and patience, and finally less than three years you finalize the settlement for my AB claim, LTD claim, and my tort claim. I think you are one of the best lawyers in town. Also I enjoyed working with you and you were supportive too. thank you again for all the good work you done.



Alan Clausi recently (2018) represented me after a slip and fall accident in my neighbourhood. I suffered a whiplash-type injury to my neck, causing severe damage to a nerve at the vertebrae. The nerve damage caused severe pain and impairment of movement to my neck, shoulder, arm, and hand.

Mr Clausi, a well-respected Ottawa lawyer, was recommended to me by my family lawyer because of Mr Clausi’s expertise in pursuing claims regarding slip and fall incidents. He was very patient about explaining the process, which can be lengthy, and what the expected results could be. There were never baseless promises, unreasonable demands, or inflated expectations.

I was always involved with or informed of the proceedings and progress of the case and what was expected of me. This relieved a lot of the stress and anxiety in the aftermath of the accident and clarified the necessity of certain legalities and consultations. The expert consultants he engaged were absolutely top notch and treated me with respect, care, and consideration. In return, I was honest at all times and listened to their recommendations, and Mr Clausi.

As the other parties involved in the suit appeared to be reluctant to resolve it in a timely manner, Mr Clausi pushed for a court-ordered mediated agreement. The mediation meeting involved the lawyers and insurance agents for the several parties to the suit, the mediator, Mr Clausi, and myself. The process was surprisingly painless, time efficient, and civil, and we reached a decision that was reasonable, fair, and satisfactory to all involved.

Yes, it took a long time, but could have been much worse in so many ways. I must laud Mr Clausi’s professionalism, tenacity, attention to detail, and pragmatism. Thank you so much!


I found Mr. Alan Clausi to be a very articulate man, warm and friendly and he makes you feel at ease even at the first meeting. A good listener and always available to help and guide me, he delivers what he promises. My case was settled well within time and I was satisfied with the results. Will strongly recommend him to others.

Robert P

If you are looking for the ‘right’ individual to help you in your legal ventures, then look no further than Mr. Alan Clausi. Having sustained serious injuries in a MVA, and at a loss for how to proceed and navigate the ever challenging road of dealing with insurance companies, I was very fortunate to be introduce to Mr. Alan Clausi. Through his passionate and dedicated approach to working with and for you in regards to championing your rights, Mr. Clausi always kept us informed and always took the time to fully explain everything to us.

Having the confidence that a professional like Mr. Clausi was in our corner made things not only easier but vastly quicker when dealing with insurance companies. He truly cares for his clients well being and while staying on top of the ever changing landscape of personal injury law, never falters in his desire to find justice for you. Not only did Mr. Clausi work wonders for us in our MVA claim but his professionalism, broad knowledge of the law and eagerness to help also played a key part in helping us buy a house and create our estate planning.

Thank you Mr. Clausi for all that you have done for us.


I contacted Alan Clausi because he was recommended by my health support team shortly after my MVA. He responded to me instantly and provided immediate advice and intervened with my insurer to get my needs better met right away, and that was only the beginning. At every turn and decision made during my recovery and the litigation process, he was able to predict what was going to happen beyond that point, and how we can improve the supports I was receiving. He was never more than a phone call or email away, with patience and the desire to work hard to get me the absolute best results.

As we were settling my case in an arbitration, Alan turned to me and asked if I was satisfied, because if I wasn’t he was willing to take this even further. He was willing and wanted to work as hard as he needed to for me to feel satisfied with the result.

I had not before and have not since met a lawyer with such an incredible ability to navigate the complex legal world that coincides with MVAs. His level of expertise and experience shows ten fold in his work and the results.

Alan is an amazing lawyer who is beyond diligent, efficient and caring and I owe my complete recovery to him.


I had a car accident in 2012 and suffered head injuries. There was a program at work that helped employees find professionals they may need as they go through life. I used this service to contact a lawyer and they put me in touch with Al Clausi. He made me feel like he really cared about me and no matter how many cases he had my time with him was focused on my case. He had such confidence in my case and my ability to get through it. I truly felt I had someone to fight for me and I could concentrate on healing. I could call or email at anytime and he would reply promptly. I never felt I was interrupting a more important case. He was excellent at explaining things until I was sure I had an understanding. He settled my case in a timely manner and for more than I expected. I was so happy with his service that when my daughter had an employment issue she used the same firm and was very happy with the result of that as well. Al Clausi had the experience and confidence to get me through it all.


I contacted Alan Clausi because of a recommendation from my cousin and I needed help with complex issues . He has done excellent work on my ab file, disability file and tort claim . He has settled all the files in less than 2 years ! I am very happy with my settlements. Alan was always there for me, he would respond in no time to all my questions or problems I needed help with. I would highly recommend Alan Clausi to anyone who is in need of a lawyer . He is very professional and understanding , you won’t find anyone better. He is awesome .

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