After sustaining serious injuries in a MVA and having no idea what to do next, my family and I were very fortunate to be introduced to Mr. Alan Clausi who took us under his wing and truly went to bat for us. Not certain if I would recover or what would happen when we exhausted all the accident benefit funds, Mr. Clausi eased our concerns and took the time to explain everything that we needed to move forward. Not only did he explain the Tort Claim process he also explained the benefits and expectations from the insurance side of things.

Throughout the last year and a half, Mr. Clausi and his staff continuously fought for us and never accepted the word no. This, we have found is a standard word used by insurance companies to try and dissuade or disrupt your claim. Having a champion like Mr. Clausi on your side allowed me to focus on getting better while he battled the insurance companies.

Mr. Clausi seemed to never sleep and his passion to battle insurance companies was a god send. He would constantly answer emails and phone calls no matter what time of day and consistently took the time to explain everything that was happening. He stays up to date on recent processes and procedures and looks for new ways to support you and your claim. He invoked the help of numerous experts and built a case file that the other insurance companies could not ignore. His persistence paid off in helping to expedite the settlement of the claim without having to go to trial.

As much as I have come to under appreciate insurance companies since my MVA and the treatment my family and I have faced by them, I felt a little bit of compassion for them as they had to deal with the persistence and unwavering energy from Alan during this battle. He truly fought for us and never once did I have to worry what was happening on the claim side of things as I was very confident Mr. Clausi was on it.

Now that our Tort claim has finished, Mr. Clausi and his team are now entrenched into the battle to help me win a Catastrophic Injury status to ensure I am taken care of for the rest of my life. This no doubt will be another fight with the insurance company but I am confident in the talents of his team and look forward to continued work with them. It is important to note that Mr. Clausi reduced his fees for us to help us get a larger settlement. Something seldom heard of in the industry.

Working alongside the team, I have come to expect that the offices of Clausi Law have the ultimate mission to provide a fully rounded legal proposition for clients, who will return to him again and again for everything from Personal Injury representation to Legal wills and even real estate law.

If you are in need of a tenacious, talented and trustworthy Legal representative, look no further than Mr. Alan Clausi. He truly enjoys battling insurance companies and wants to ensure you get the right treatment.