Alan Clausi recently (2018) represented me after a slip and fall accident in my neighbourhood. I suffered a whiplash-type injury to my neck, causing severe damage to a nerve at the vertebrae. The nerve damage caused severe pain and impairment of movement to my neck, shoulder, arm, and hand.

Mr Clausi, a well-respected Ottawa lawyer, was recommended to me by my family lawyer because of Mr Clausi’s expertise in pursuing claims regarding slip and fall incidents. He was very patient about explaining the process, which can be lengthy, and what the expected results could be. There were never baseless promises, unreasonable demands, or inflated expectations.

I was always involved with or informed of the proceedings and progress of the case and what was expected of me. This relieved a lot of the stress and anxiety in the aftermath of the accident and clarified the necessity of certain legalities and consultations. The expert consultants he engaged were absolutely top notch and treated me with respect, care, and consideration. In return, I was honest at all times and listened to their recommendations, and Mr Clausi.

As the other parties involved in the suit appeared to be reluctant to resolve it in a timely manner, Mr Clausi pushed for a court-ordered mediated agreement. The mediation meeting involved the lawyers and insurance agents for the several parties to the suit, the mediator, Mr Clausi, and myself. The process was surprisingly painless, time efficient, and civil, and we reached a decision that was reasonable, fair, and satisfactory to all involved.

Yes, it took a long time, but could have been much worse in so many ways. I must laud Mr Clausi’s professionalism, tenacity, attention to detail, and pragmatism. Thank you so much!