I contacted Alan Clausi because he was recommended by my health support team shortly after my MVA. He responded to me instantly and provided immediate advice and intervened with my insurer to get my needs better met right away, and that was only the beginning. At every turn and decision made during my recovery and the litigation process, he was able to predict what was going to happen beyond that point, and how we can improve the supports I was receiving. He was never more than a phone call or email away, with patience and the desire to work hard to get me the absolute best results.

As we were settling my case in an arbitration, Alan turned to me and asked if I was satisfied, because if I wasn’t he was willing to take this even further. He was willing and wanted to work as hard as he needed to for me to feel satisfied with the result.

I had not before and have not since met a lawyer with such an incredible ability to navigate the complex legal world that coincides with MVAs. His level of expertise and experience shows ten fold in his work and the results.

Alan is an amazing lawyer who is beyond diligent, efficient and caring and I owe my complete recovery to him.