Alan did amazing work for me. My own insurance company was totally giving me the run around, so my friend referred me to Al. My own insurance company had found me liable for the collision. Al convinced my insurance company to change their internal fault assessment which was a big relief to me. He helped get me the treatment I needed and fought for me all the way. With the insurance company for the lady that destroyed my car by racing through a red light in a snowstorm, he fought them right up to trial and finally was able to resolve my claim by sending me to the best experts in the province for opinions on my injuries, and to an expert who did a detailed accident reconstruction, showing that I was telling the truth and did nothing wrong. I was alone in this fight without any power at all and would have lost both miserably. Alan fought hard for me against all odds and obtained a fair settlement for me. I am forever indebted to Alan for his loyalty to me, his incredibly hard work, and his knowledge of what I learned is an insurance slanted system.