Subsequent to an MVA in the fall of 2016 I was directed to Alan Clausi by a friend who had been represented by Mr. Clausi in a prior case.

When I first met Mr. Clausi he explained the largely unknown aspects of personal injury law to me which later helped me immensely as we progressed throughout the case. AB, tort, risk and options were all detailed for me in order to help me understand the deep legal avenues through which we were about to travel. Mr. Clausi understands the craft of building a case and layered a perfect recipe before the mediation court.

A settlement was reached during mediation which brought closure and relief to my tired body and spirit. Legal engagements are emotionally taxing and require a diligent and compassionate approach which Mr. Clausi demonstrated during my case.

I am very thankful for the recommendation of my friend to reach out to Alan. Well done, Mr. Clausi.